While every estate sale is unique, Household Estate Sale Services has developed a proven formula that we use with all of our sales. This formula has kept hundreds of previous estate sales orderly, safe, and profitable. Let us put it to use for you.


1. The Walk-Through

This is the beginning of the estate sale process. We will come to your home free of charge and without obligation to determine the needs of your unique sale. After we have evaluated the home, we can advise you on logistics and offer available dates for a sale. We will also take this opportunity to address any personal concerns or questions you may have. 

Pro Tip: STOP! Please don't throw anything away prior to the consultation--only remove the items you wish to keep. Allow us to assess your estate "as is". We may find valuable items that you didn't know you had!

2. Sale Setup

Depending on the size of your estate, the preparation process will range from one to two weeks. Our team takes extra care to price items fairly, thoroughly researching and assessing any antique or valuable items that may be included in your estate. 


During this phase, our experts will set up your sale, providing all the necessary display materials. At no additional cost to you, we photograph and list your sale on the top estate sale websites and social media platforms in order to maximize the turnout for your sale. Additionally, we have a dedicated customer base that attends our sales based on our reputation alone.

Pro Tip: Prior to sale set-up, please remove all items that you or your family would like to keep.

3. The Estate Sale

The weekend of the sale, Household Services will run a professional event that is geared towards making the sale as profitable as possible for you. We employee a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and respectful team who are capable of answering any questions potential customers might have.

Pro Tip: During the sale, our hope is that you enjoy a few days off with your feet up while we handle everything. Therefore, we ask that family members not be present while the estate sale is taking place. We are a professional service and stick to an orderly, efficient process that makes for successful sales. Watching items from your loved one’s estate being sold can bring up difficult emotions and affect the overall tone of the sale.

4. Clean Up

After the estate sale is over, Household Services provides an optional clean-out service of the property. This process includes disposing of any unsold items to prepare the house for staging, sale, or renovation. 

5. Payment

Household Services makes money when you make money. We work on a commission pay scale that encompasses all

sale-related expenses